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Namespace jac

Namespace List > jac


Type Name
class Controller
class Device <class Machine>
class LinkReadable <class Machine>
class LinkWritable
struct Logger
class MachineCtrl
class Sha1Hasher
class Timeout
class TimeoutLock
class Uploader

Public Static Functions

Type Name
bool deleteDir (std::filesystem::path & path, bool onlyContents)
std::optional< std::filesystem::path > getAbsolute (std::string filename, std::filesystem::path & rootDir)
std::optional< std::pair< std::vector< std::string >, size_t > > listDir (std::filesystem::path & path)

Public Static Functions Documentation

function deleteDir

static bool jac::deleteDir (
    std::filesystem::path & path,
    bool onlyContents

function getAbsolute

static std::optional< std::filesystem::path > jac::getAbsolute (
    std::string filename,
    std::filesystem::path & rootDir

function listDir

static std::optional< std::pair< std::vector< std::string >, size_t > > jac::listDir (
    std::filesystem::path & path

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